Jan. 18th, 2011

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Acuchie: I've missed you.  You were cuddely with your black Bermise feline fur and your gentle ways.  I loved how you meowed at 5:00 AM and it sounded like "Feed me!!!".

Orion: You were the first dog I really named.  You were amazing and crazy.  You protected your immediate family and you loyalties never lied else where.  I hated that you were poisoned by the pyscho in the development, but you your memory still lives on in the stories I tell of you.

Speedy: You were found by my parents in a neighbor's yard.  When they called your name (they named you Speedy) you didn't come.  When *I* called your name, you came running up to me like you were always mine.

Norman:  It hurt so bad when you were put down this past August.  I loved the Oooooh sound you made when I rubbed your back.  You were such a good Sheep dog.  

Pinky: I've missed you so much!  When I was forced to give you away I felt a part of me go as well.  I loved how you sang to The Cranberries and Dido.  

Rijik: I only knew you for 3 years.  You were my fiancées dog.  He knew you for a lifetime.  Thank you accepting me like I should have been accepted by his family.  You just took me in.  I miss you.

Smooth: You sit next to me today.  You may not know it but you have been a Godsend.  I love you dearly and hope that I am lucky enough to spend many more years with my naked wrinkled little friend...


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