Apr. 7th, 2011

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Japan was hit with yet another earthquake today (this time 7.4) and there is a warning for yet another Tsunami. When I saw this post on Facebook I posted a question asking “Why is this happening to Japan”?


An email was sent to me in answer to this question. I will keep the name out:


First email in answer to my question: Read Revelations in the Bible... 
also.... most Japanese are Buddhists... they worship a statue The Buddha which God forbids ... Luke 4:8 you shall worship the Lord your God and Him alone you shall serve"


My response: OK, no offense, but that was just plain old mean. Japan and those people do not deserve such horror because of a quote in the bible. That's like saying God is a bigot.


Their response: you can't make this stuff up .... why would God be a bigot?


My response: Well, for one thing, if God is destroying a country with natural disaster because they have other religious beliefs...that's like saying He'll burn a cross and prop it in a person's yard because they are not Christian. But, then, that's just my opinion as is the answer to my question was your opinion. I just won't believe that God is that merciless and downright evil to do such a thing. I believe that God doesn't punish. He forgives. But that is just me...

I apologize for the way I responded. It wasn't right of me. Thank you for giving me your answer and have a great day!


Their response: God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of homosexuality... He is Who He is and has never changed.....God is still their Father in Heaven and just like an earthly father is trying to get their attention (to repent) worshipping idols is a sin...God is a God of love...

Read Revelations it will open your eyes

apology accepted....you have a great day also



At this point I would normally just let it go, but the “God is a God of love” had me thinking…


My final response: I have read revelations. But I refuse to believe that God is hateful like that. I'm also an advocate for Gay rights. I read all of revelations, but all it did was anger me. How can God be love if God does this stuff to innocent people? It’s as if to say God is only love when you follow every rule. God is hate when you don't. I don't like that. I believe God made us all in His image and gave us free will. If He didn't then we'd never have choices. Or did He just do that to play a game with us like he did with Job? I can't see God as hateful. I won't.

I don't want to be like those people at Westborough with the "God hates Fags" signs who preach nothing but hate. I can't be like that. There is too much love in this world to watch it go down like that...

I can't be like those people who judged me for loving and being engaged to a Jewish man even though I'm non-denominational Christian. It’s not like I'm converting either. I was told that I wasn't equally yoked and will be punished for it. I mean...wtf? Where's the love in that? I believe I was meant to be with the man I am marrying for a reason. Too many arrows point in that direction. 

I see too much love in God to see all this hate.


I find it interesting and sad how a lot of Christians see God the way they do…


I guess I should respect their opinion, though, and I pray for those poor innocent people in Japan for getting hit as hard as they have.  They need a break...

UPDATE/THEIR RESPONSE TO MY LAST RESPONSE: what you believe as hate is not God hating at all....He doesn't want to see anyone perish....when people are not listening to the Truth bad things happen...

Look at it this way.... God the maker of heaven and earth.... is being dissed by His sons and daughters....no one even gives God honor and respect anymore...( except for a few) . If you were a parent would you want your kids to follow every rule or just the ones they choose to?
You don't have to be like those people in Westboro... they don;t represent God... they represent themselves and say its God...we are to "love thy neighbor" and "not judge anyone"....love the sinner not the sin...God will do the judging according to His will....

I don;t judge the people in Japan... its not my job... my job is to pray for them .....but i believe every word in the bible and cannot help but see the truth of what is going on

as for the people judging you .... it is not their job to judge you ....that is the sad thing about most christians.... they only practice the rules they want to and forget about the others....its like that scripture about "let me get that speck out of your eye...mean while i have a beam of timber in my eye...

from my understanding the Jews are God's chosen people ... the only thing is some don't believe Jesus is the Messiah ... they are still waiting for Him...

i think Hate is a matter of perspective.... i don;t see the wrath of God as hate... i see a patient all loving God ...running out of patience with His children....sometimes that is overflowing love ...

i hope i helped you some...I pray that God will show Himself to you ...

Your welcome... :)

MY RESPONSE: Thank you and He has...just not in the way others see Him.

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"Great, now you can tell me how much you hate me for dumping you 12 years ago to my face as opposed to calling me the "psychopathic ex" on your twitter statuses!"


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