Apr. 24th, 2011

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 Sorry this is a late post.  I've been out of town for the weekend (I will post about that in a day or two).  I hope everyone had a great Easter.  Or...even a great Ostara.  For me its Easter.

I am currently watching "Jesus Christ Superstar" on the Turner Classic Movie Channel.  I remember how much my sister and I loved this musical.  We watched it so many times I think we both over did it.  We used to sing the Hosanna song in the Palm Sunday scene together all the time.  

As I am listening to this amazing rock opera I was thinking what it would be like if they did a Goth/Industrial version of this (if it hasn't been done already) and  you know what?  I think it would be pretty awesome.  

I may not be an evangelical Christian.  I am a non-denominational Christian who really wishes we could all co-exist.  I do believe in Jesus and the fact that He did tell Judas to betray Him so that He can fulfill the ultimate sacrifice and die so that humanity can live on and be taken into the hands of God when it all came down to the end.  That's just what I believe, though.  I don't believe Jesus was this person the Bible beaters make Him out to be and I really wish that I could  have met Him because I truly believe that Jesus was more amazing and more loving and caring than they have illustrated Him.
He turned no one away.
He is Risen...


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