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Apr. 1st, 2011 12:02 pm
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 Excerpt from 109.com article on the character of Mitchell in the BBC's Being Human:

After the premiere aired in the UK, and Mitchell found out about his imminent death, the Internet went wild with speculation that this was a set up for you to depart the show now that you're starting a film career.
Well, that's what the Internet does, isn't it? It fuels gossip and stuff. It's a long shoot over here for The Hobbit. It's two movies. We haven't talked yet about dates for series four of Being Human. It's so up in the air and it's so far away that I can't really commit to anything. And they need to plot out storylines and see how long they need Mitchell for, so I guess we won't know until a later date what's going on.

So, you are planning on returning to the show.
Yeah, if it all works out. The BBC needs to talk to me about dates. All the boring stuff needs to be cleaned up, and then I guess we'll see.

Then being cast in The Hobbit hasn't majorly altered your life or career yet?
I don't think until the first movie comes out that anything is really going to change. I'm just going to keep working. In that regard, nothing's changed. I've been pretty busy with Being Human and I've gone straight on to The Hobbit. It's a really long project and it's really enjoyable and brilliant and we're all dead excited to be doing it. So nothing's changed.

Not really an answer, but can you blame him? It's The Hobbit. We wouldn't hold it against him if he left Being Human, for a time. But we don't want Aidan to break up the infamous trio and their amazing chemistry forever! That would be a disaster. Fingers crossed that even if he's killed off, he finds a way to come back — he's a vampire, after all.

To read it in full here is the link: http://io9.com/#!5767727/will-the-hobbit-kill-off-the-bbcs-sexiest-vampire


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